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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> braver than i, for sure. >> my feet are firmly planted on the ground. stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for watching. have great monday. now "good morning maryland at 4:30. baltimore city police fire on an armed man in south baltimore. i will have more details on the shooting coming up. another reason to keep your hands off the cell phone while driving. i am linda he so. why cops will have -- linda so. why cops will have it easier if she see you do it. a family of a man who died from eating canteloupe filed a lawsuit and is speaking out. i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast and say hello, to justin berk. a chilly weekend and i am sure you are happy. >> look at this, charley.
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look at this. that beautiful? that's snowshoe west virginia. 4848 feet my favorite picture of the weekend and they have 6 inches of snow on the ground. just a short 6 hour drive can get you to winter. look at temperatures in the 30s, 34 oakland. in the mountains of west virginia they have had snow. 45 baltimore and up towards york, p.a. and 40s on the delmarva. clearing overnight with cloud making a return. another band of rain developing around the upper-level low and we will have ourselves showers today. mostly cloudy start cloudy finish and rain showers as temperatures remain 10 to 15 degrees below normal. highs in the mid-50s. we will check on the rest of the week with an improvement coming up. 4:31. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we have no accidents in baltimore city or baltimore county. we have an accident reported on 95 northbound at mountain road over in the right lane. this is the beltway at old
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court road south of 795. very light traffic out there on the northwest side of the beltway. nothing to worry about right now. jfx at northern parkway same deal a few cars running southbound towards cold spring. no issues or incidents in your way. we are learning details of a late night officer involved shooting in baltimore city. it happened in the southern part of the city and sherrie johnson joins us live from police headquarters with the very latest. sherrie. >> reporter: well, yes, authorities here at city police headquarters are investigating this police involved shooting that left one man in critical condition at last report. this all happened last night about 9:00 in the 3600 block of st. victor street in south baltimore. police got a call of an armed person in the home and the caller feared for their safety. when police arrived, they found an adult male between 40 and 50 years old with a weapon. >> the individual was holding a weapon. officers entered the house asking the individual to drop
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the weapon numerous times and he he didn't comply with the officers commands and turned towards the officers with the weapon and one officer fired one defensive shot. >> reporter: the victim was taken to johns hop cns bayview medical center where -- hopkins bayview medical center where at last report he was in critical condition. no one else was injured in the shooting. and homicide detectives are investigating the police- involved shooting. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. other news for you, this is jason hicks the man charged in the arson that left a tire shop up in flames in 35-year-old hicks is accused of setting the fire that destroyed the auto repair and tire shop in northwest baltimore last week. this was the scene the fire started monday at belvedere tire company and burned through the two-story building and took out tires creating a plume of black smoke that could be seen
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as far away in reisterstown. this is another picture of a apartment complex up in flays in howard county. firefighters came to the rescue of several families. it's on little patuxent parkway. the first floor had heavy smoke and quickly spread. the red cross is helping the families as they are out of their homes. no word on what caused the fire. another apartment complex in annapolis is under investigation after a double shooting. two men were shot early saturday morning in the apartments. police say they don't think the shooting was random and witnesses say they heard an argument between the two victims and another person about a week ago. in elk ridge a motorcyclists is dead after striking a parked tractor trailer. juan carlos calderon mahaya was taken to shock trauma where he died. speed was a factor in the accident. when you take to the road no matter how safe, safety is
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-- no matter your age rather, safety is top concern and that's what's behind the texting laws and what they are hoping to accomplish. they went into effect saturday and what do they entail the driving and texting laws in linda so is standing by inside a parked car to tell you all about it. >> reporter: well, it means if you are getting behind the wheel, keep your hands off yourcell phone. it's illegal to read a text or e-mail while driving even if you are stopped at a red light. it means it's now primary offense meaning an office kerr pull you over for no other reason. if they see you on your phone look at your phone to too long you can get a ticket. first offense has a $70 fine andyou can get one point on your license. it close as loophole before you were allowed to read while driving but not write or send this. but starting last saturday, the law became tougher. you are in the allowed to text while driving or read your text while driving and if you want
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to talk on the phone, you've got to keep it hands free. the new laut is aimed at keeping you safe on the road especially young drivers who are more likely to get into a text related crash. >> even taking your eyes off the road for a second to check your text and not texting is i think that's a recipe for disaster. >> i think there's a lot of distraction but texting your eyes are not near the road and that makes it more difficult to drive. when you are not look at the road how did you know when someone is stopped in front of you. >> reporter: there is one exemption to the law. you can use your phone while driving if you have to dial 911 or if you need to use your gps. that's still allowed. live inancely linda so. law makeers in florida are easing penalties for some text laws. under the old law those caught sexting could be forced to register as sex offender. new law makes the first
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offensepunishable but 8 hours of community service or 06 dollar fine. if you are in the market for a new gm? safety precautions are be installed but to which vehicle and how soon? we will tell you which new models could help keep your family safe. and calling for a taxi may mean digging deeper into your wallet. fare changes you need to know about before flagging down a cab. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look in downtown baltimore's inner harbor.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. it's 20 minutes until 5 and the move on wall street is now in its third week and spreading beyond manhattan. a hundred people gathered in burlington, vermont opposing a lot of things including what they say is corporate greed. now they are planning to return next sunday but some protesters
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are joining the ranks in new york. similar events have been planned and executed in boston, chicago, l.a., be a in -- and in cement seattle. residents -- and in seattle. taxi cab commission announced plans to move a $19 on fares and that means the meeter will keep running until your ride is over no matter the length. wonder if anyone will protest that. the fare cap didn't include surcharges for extra bags and passengers per 1 dollar gas surcharge. they are skied crude to remain in place -- scheduled to remain in place through mid-november. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. this seems to be a fan favorite in the studio. let's show you a couple more pictures from snowshoe, west virginia and the report that they have 6 inches on the ground and there may actually be more. what a beautiful scene. this was saturday it was snowing again on sunday.
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and oh, does that look like a good time? tanya you like it? a snowball fight as well. 45 degrees in baltimore. it's in the 30s. and the high country especially above 3,000 feet. garrett county had snow but it didn't stick by deep creek lake and up towards wisp and there was some sticking on the ground at seven springs in pennsylvania, but this is what we are looking at up above 4,000 feet up towards snowshoe. 40s down to ocean city. that is deep chill. upper-level low continues to wrap with rain redeveloping and we will have more of the showers and the cloudy skies of cool weather today. the traffic is currently dry. here tanya with a look at road. >> reporter: pulaski eastbound is shut down past mechanics valley road. let's look at 95. this is northbound at 32. no problems to report here through salveage. 95 at the beltway on the southwest side in arbutus is
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flowing freely as well. jfx at cold spring lane very light traffic in both directions. no issues to report. harford county, 95 northed a mountain road, there's an accident in the right lane. charley. well, the story is not just for kids and sure to make you conjure up a memory or two. walt disney world turned 40 years old this weekend. that theme park in orlando florida opened in 1971 in the area that was originally swimp -- swampland and has grown to more than twice the size of new york's manhattan islands. still to come, if you missed it, we have she lights for you of beatdown. ravens took it to the jets to go 3-1. the plays you want to watch over and over again. we will show you a few more when we return in a bit. and it's a heart warming story early on this monday morning. some call it a love store i would -- story. vandalism and we will look at news around the nation. that's right, you are watching
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good morning maryland first and only at 4:30 to start your workweek a live look at our nation's capital.
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five things to know before heading out the door on this monday morning. the u.s. sproam court begins a new term today and topping the list of issues for review. a constitutional challenge against president obama's health care reform law. other charged issues could include immigration, gay marriage and affirmative action and abortion. communication director for the presidential candidate herman cain says her decision is firm but not finalized as she is working up the paperwork. mr. cain scheduled to meet with business mogul donned trump later today. and nasa astronaut and husband of gabbey giffords retired. he was navy captain and they
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are writing a memoir expected to be publish next month. and gm's adding air bags to some of the crossover suvs. officials say the air bags that will pop up between front seats could help prevent 29% of fatalities in side impact crashes. the front and center air bag will be first installed in the gmc acadia and enclave and traverse next year. and officials in albany, georgia can cash in on saggy pants. town has a ban on the pants that will be issue fines to anyone caught wearing the pants more than 3 inches bow low the top of the hip -- below the top of the hip for men and women. sports news this morning, tiger woods no longer a owe physicianly considered one of the 50 best players in the world. that ends 15 year streak. official world golf rankings says he entered at the number 50 spot but another golfer knocked him off the list last
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year's british open champion. the list comes out today. he will try to swing back into things in a few weeks. record setting night at the bank for the purple and black monster that is the baltimore defense. ravens d accounted for three touchdowns against sanchez and the jets. it must have been hard for rex ryan to watch the thing given he helped start this years ago as the ravens defensive coordinator. >> it's about carrying on tradition. you don'tstep into something like this halfway. you know everything the defense has done and you know what theorganization is about so it's ahonor to be here and for us to be here coming from our humble backgrounds we are performing and being a part of something great. so where can it go in the future? obviously going up. going to the top. >> calling a spade a spade joe flacco and ravens offense had a rough night moving the ball. totaling just more than 260
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yards total ofen in the air and on the ground. for the final score of 34-17 now onto a bye week where ravens get healthy because the houston texans are coming to town in two weeks. 4:47 for you. and from the coach's cap to the players cleats and official whistels from the nfl everyone went pink. players and teams in support of breast cancer awareness. it will be worn on the field and sidelines throughout games in the month of october. the league collaborated with the american cancer society for an initiative reminding women 40 and older about the importance of having an annual mammogram. switching gears to health news, we are hearing from family at the catonsville man who died after eating the tainted canteloupe linked to listeria. clarence wells died august 31st and his family is filing a lawsuit. corinne redman is standing by with more. >> reporter: well, clarence wells daughter didn't know what listeria was until it claimed her father's life a month ago. the 87-year-old man is one of
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15 deaths linked to that infected batch of canteloupe e put on 9 pounds in three days and he was admitted to the hospital and died. the listeria was found in his system and showed the infection matched the same dna as the strain on the bad canteloupe. now he is one of 15 people to die from the fruit shipped fromjensen farms. >> the numbers have me in just complete awe that there are a million and a half canteloupes and my father is one of the people who antithe canteloupe and passed away. it's just -- ate the canteloupe and passed away. >> reporter: the family filed a lawsuit and is representing by a seattle based attorney suing jensen farms. that recall we told you about concerning the romaine lettuce due to listeria has been expanded. chopped and bagged lettuce made in california was shipped between september 12th and 13th to whole sale and retail food distributors across 19 states. so far no one has gotten sick
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and the possible contamination discovered in a bag of -- in a bag of lettuce is not related to the listeria outbreak from the colorado farm. 4:49a study examines people's emotions. 140 characters as a time. rears is shows people and moods are re-- researchers shows people and their moods are indicated in their posting. the study found optimism is higher in the morning and fade as the day goes on. but then rises once again at night. news around the nation this morning. a joyride went bad sunday leaving a 9-year-old boy in critical condition. he wrecked his family car and police say he took the car for a ride without his parents' knowledge and ended up in a crash. he was driving a 1999 chevy malibu when he lost control and hit a tree and the car flipped twice. he is expected to survive. and turbulence left many people shaking sunday night.
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several were injured on a jetblue flight from bort rooko to boston. airport official say seven people were hurt and one had a coffee burn and 11 others with neck and back injuries. turbulence forced the flight from charlotte to munich to divert to boston. 11 people on that flight were hurt also. and it's a postal love story. jasmine crafts blogs and shares with us stories about unique experience and exotic places and things you don't see every day. but the story catching everyone's eye is unfolding outside her window. central characters on the corner of 14th and lafayette mystery artist have been painting personalities in the mailboxs. now the first is a simple love you love you too as one leans towards the other. take a look. >> people will stop and take photos and it strikes up conversation. >> we are disappointed about the peace sign. >> that's unattractive. >> they want the love back but
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not everyone loves the characters. the post office officials say the boxes are federal profit and the paint is considered graffiti. most love the vish yowl letters and -- visual letters and love to look forward to what the messages will have down the road. it's sight the pacific ocean in san diego, algea boom forming the red tide. it's not considered a good thing whether you the -- but the blue lining of the waves are drawing crowds. it is sometimes toxic and can poison fish and call a -- cause a stinch. this is kind of cool to watch because we like great natural phenomenon. and i saw this from the weekend but it can pose a health hazard for the habitat in the ocean. >> it is red tide but shows upblue at night. i know some people went down to the beach in delaware this weekend and it was not good beach weather. we showed you temperatures about the same as what we have
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here in the mid-40s all the way down to ocean citych the core of the cold air is sitting literally on top of maryland above 6,000 feetin mount washington and it's only 41 degrees. that puts things in perspective international falls cooler than us and warmer at 49 and a big warmup across the northern plains. look at the circulation here. and while there is a ribbon of rain from canada and wrapping down ontario and west of toronto, and now cutting its way into pennsylvania, wrapping around the low pressure system and that's responsible for really the core of the cool air that's responsible for highlighting more showers. there's snow in the who i country of west virginia and we will have more rain showers wrapping around this system. mostly cloudy skies. nothing heavy but there may be an occasional rain shower through tonight and tomorrow morning and we will break the pattern and get it out of here. plan for a repeat of what we have had over the weekend which means even though there's clear skies we have had whoa cloud up 55 degrees, the best we will do
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with more rain showers. wake up window has more details at the bottom of the screen and we will have more in the next half-hour. >> reporter: in harford county 95 northbound at mountain road an accident over on the right shoulder. other than that we are dealing with light traffic. let's look at the beltway at frederick road. no problems to report through catonsville in either direction. jfx is moving well for the 41st street overpass as we head downtown. we have light traffic in both directions. charley. american college student amanda knox will be back in a italian courtroom. what she will say as she continues the conviction for murder in the country. plus couples getting married in one country now have the right to decide how to -- how long it will last. that story coming up when we look around the world when good morning maryland returns first and only for you to start the workweek off right. we are up at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. around the world in italy american amanda knox will be in court expected to give a speech possibly for her life. she is appealing a 2009 conviction in the murder of her roommate 21-year-old british student. two judges and 6 jurors will make the phenyl decision. they could set her free or sentence her to prison for the rest of her life. a ruling is expected today or tomorrow. police in the philippines say muslim militants freed a american woman after 2 1/2 month in captivity but they are holding her son and a relative captive. officials are saying she was dropped off late sunday at the wharf and walked to a town war patrolling police team picked her up. she has been handed over to fbi agents and her 14-year-old son and 19-year-old nephew are being held. the three were snatched in july while vacationing with a relative. in mexico a bill is now
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allowing temporary marriages to be considered. the proposed ordinance in mexico city would allow engaged couples to decide how long their marriage will last. additional couples could use the caption until death do us part but those who don't expect to stay married forever can seat date. it is designed to eliminate painful and costly divorces. now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: police shoot an armed man in south baltimore. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, more details on the shooting. >> we will hear from the family of a catonville man who died after eat -- catonsville man who died after eating tainted canteloupe. and ravens achieve a franchise record. the ravens going to the bye week at 3-1 high heights from last night's big game and a big win at the bank straight ahead on this monday october 3rd. good morning, i am charley crowson. let's get to justin berk and you mentioned during the break
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the mfl -- during the break the nfl was pink for breast cancer awareness. we are going pink as well. i've got it on my lapel and you have the tie on. >> we will wear pink all week and everybody has been touched in one way, shape or form or another. my mother went through it and has beaten it twice. so, this is for a good cause. and we will be talking more about that throughout the month. by the way, this morning, i got a double check on some of the numbers because kingsville 39 degrees. now this is on the storm center weathernetch the weather bug stations and they are pretty accurate. 40 in harford and catonsville. 42 in annapolis and an insulating effect eastern shore of eastern and upper-level low pressure that is parked pretty much on top of maryland another resurgence of showers back into the mountains wrapping through virginia. and here we go again. mostly cloudy skies. we had clearing overnight that allowed the temperatures to drop. but mid-40s


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